Sunday, October 31, 2010

Today dah pun end of the month, 31st Oct 2010. How time flies!

Looking back at the events of this past week, well.. the past few days in particular, it amazes me how beginning of the week things can start off with happiness and high spirits .. and then, WHAM!!

Is it fair for one to be responsible, when others avoid responsibility?
How much can one handle?

I’m tired ..
.. and my energy is gone.
Problems pile on top of problems..
.. and I need endless strength to keep going..

I've encountered every obstacle that I could possibly have imagined..
.. and then ..
.. being faced with many more.

Subhanallah ..
.. Let the challenges bring out
.. the best in me.

"Being hurt by those you truly care about,
leaves a hole in your heart"

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Dad's new MYVI arrived 2 days ago. Walaupun dah ada 3 MYVIs kat rumah, sibuk jugak checking out the new car.. belek radio.. belek sana.. belek sini. Lepas tu, ada pulak special request - "Dolly, you do for me benda apa tu yang your children dok cucuk kat radio depa pasang lagu-lagu tu". eemm.. benda apa, eh?

laaaa... pendrive!

So, seharian kelmarin dok LimeWire-ing download lagu-lagu era parents dulu .. Mum suka lagu-lagu ballads Andy Williams, Engelbert Humperdinck; Dad pulak nak Latin & Dance songs from Santana, Los Lobos etc.

Managed to download a mixed of 50 songs for both of them and alternately arranged between ballads and dance tunes so that they both can enjoy their music and leisurely drive all the way to Pahang this weekend.

Huih! Mencabar jugak downloading lagu ni. Lepas download, nak kena dengar and check the files pulak to make sure the songs are ok and complete. Sedap pulak dengar lagu-lagu lama for a change. The lyrics are meaningful and the melody, beautiful.

p/s: now, I too have those 50 songs in my car's pendrive .. tersampuk dek Andy Williams and friends.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

After breakfast Nasi Lemak Sotong & Ikan Bilis this morning, my mum requested me to take them pegi 'jalan-jalan' melawat my mertua... melawat my Mak Ngah. Hehehe.. diorang boring dok rumah ler tuuu. Since I pun tak der apa-apa appointment today, I pun happily drove them around.

First stop, my in-law's place in Permatang Tok Gelam, Kepala Batas. Unfortunately, my father-in-law was out, leaving only my mother-in-law at home. Tak per lah.. can sembang-sembang jugak. We politely declined to have lunch there and later proceeded to my Mak Ngah's house.

Eh!.. langkah kiri ke? Mak Ngah pun tak der kat rumah! Kak Ju kata Mak Ngah pegi klinik for her routine check-up. We waited for her while Kak Ju went to fetch her back from the clinic.

Lepas sembang-sembang kejap, Mak Ngah ajak kitorang go for lunch sebab tak masak today. I was still feeling full from the heavy Nasi Lemak breakfast tapi bila Kak Ju kata nak pegi makan mee instead, teruslah setuju!.

Mee Kuah Ketam

Lepas makan, kitorang terus balik ke rumah. The drive home was awkward .. filled with silence. Somehow I got the impression that taking them 'jalan-jalan' did not manage to cheer them up. hmmm... lot of things on their minds ...

Anyway, I enjoyed myself ... jumpa ibu mertuaku, Mak Ngah kesayangan and my cousin Ju. It's always a pleasure to meet up with others once in a while. Refreshing..

Doa Penjaga Harta Dan Ahli Keluarga

Dipetik dari buku "Ikhtiar Penyembuhan Penyakit"
Tuan Guru Dato Dr Haron Din

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dah 5 hari tak update blog.

Ada jer kat rumah, tak pegi mana pun..


sejak jatuh cinta dengan my new iPhone, focus hanya pada 'dia'. Tiap masa yang terluang, sibuk la explore dan blajar cara menggunakannya.. downloading applications and synchronising them between my Macbook and iPhone. Seronok sungguh!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Sign di sini".

"OK. Terima kasih."


... "apa di dalam kotak tu?" ...

farid MySpace Codes mama

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A 21st birthday is the milestone in a person’s life who have just completed their teen years and are going to enter the stage of adulthood.

And as you.., my dearest daughter Yasmin.., enter the 21st year of your life, developing feelings of freedom and maturity, I pray and hope that at the same time this transition within you will also develop ideas of your future responsibilities. Only then, it would be a great feeling of leaving behind the teenage tag and getting the tag of an adult.

A new life awaits ....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yesterday ada jemputan ke majlis Hari Jadi Sophie Izzana (cucu saudara) dan akikah Adib (cousin Sophie) di Butterworth tapi tak dapat nak attend. Miss Tan, our interior designer, came at about 11.30am. Punya discuss.. punya lukis.. punya discuss.. punya lukis.. we finally finished at 7.30pm!! Itu pun, ada bersambung lagi pagi ni from 11am - 1pm.

Firdaus took the 3.30pm Airasia flight back to KL. Rasa sedih bila hantar dia ke airport tadi. Tapi dia nampak ceria. Nak tau kenapa? ... Haa... ada ceita jugak ni..

That is because.. bila dia tiba di airport at 4.30pm nanti, I have arranged for someone to wait for him.. and give him 'something'....

iPhone 4

.. dan seperkara lagi ..

another two sets will be delivered to Penang for Farid and myself!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Last night, somebody got an advanced present ...

... untuk birthday yang ke 21 this coming 19th October.

MySpace Codes

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Friday!

Minggu yang sangat mencabar, kini semakin beransur pulih. I had a few very difficult situations and decisions to make; I have finally made them after a lot of careful considerations; and I'M DONE!

Pagi ni, bangun awal dengan begitu bersemangat. Kenapa yer?

Firstly, it's because ...


I have missed him soooooo terribly MUCH! After all that I've been thru for the past 2 weeks, I am deliriously happy to focus on something/someone else for a change!


Faiz has gone to Immigration Department this morning to submit application for a maid.

Lepas ni, nak cari tukang kebun yang juga boleh jadi driver untuk my parents so that my parents can enjoy themselves and go wherever they want. Dulu ada juga 'kawan/kenalan' yang rajin menziarah dan kadang-kadang pegi outing dengan my parents. Pegi breakfast la.. pegi dinner la.. pegi supper la.., tapi recently 'orang-orang' tu semua tiba-tiba dah 'menghilang'.
"Time will eventually show one's true colours"

Well, to those people .... GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH !! (as far as I'm concerned).

"The way you spend your time and life in the present, can either create a future that is bright and eagerly anticipated, or it can lead to one that is full of regret." (pikir-pikirkan lah..)

Eh! banyaknya bebel pagi ni!.. oklah, kiter nak mandi and nak gi pasar. Anak kiter nak balik! Want to cook his favourite food.

p/s: kalau kenal sesapa yang looking for tukang kebun/driver part time job, contact me, ya ..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Uploaded engagement photos

Sunday, October 10, 2010


What makes a relationship right?
(emmm... think! think!..)

If it’s right, you’ll know it la, kan?

Life can be testing with what it can bring
Love is the reason why this day (10.10.10)
Was chosen by both of them
... to begin their lives together
... for the good of each other

As they both made a commitment today
To travel together down life's pathway
My wishes are with them for a wonderful life
That together they will become one –
... One in hope,
... One in believing in life and
... One in sharing the coming years.
( 1 Malaysia? hehehe.. )

To my future-to-be adik ipar, Adnan
Welcome To My Family
I’m happy for both of you..


my sister, Zuliani

Cincin Pertunangan dan hadiah-hadiah:

my Dad ..

.. and Mum

Rombongan Peminangan

Kakak ipar Adnan menyarung cincin pertunangan

Adnan's Dad

Adnan's big brother

Balasan hadiah dari pihak perempuan

my Mak Ngah who came and spent 2 nights at our home, specially for this joyous occasion. Thanks Mak Ngah, cayang Mak Ngah.

My eldest son, Farid and my girl, Yasmin who were both ecstatic that their Maksu finally found Mr Right
Note: Firdaus could not make it back for this event

my anak angkat, Julia, who was looking equally radiant despite not having enough sleep due to assignments and presentations

Azura, who flew in from KL. Thanks Zura, for making the effort to come.

Kepada semua family members and family friends, my in-laws, uncles and aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews who came and helped made this 'Pertunangan' a success.

my nieces Nur Hanie Hasli (left) & Nabila Zaid (right)

Unfortunately, tidak semua gambar orang-orang yang hadir terdapat dalam foto-foto di sini. Walaubagaimana pun, kehadiran mereka-mereka tetap menjadi kenangan yang terpahat di ingatan.

Ucapan Ribuan Terima Kasih to all...

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Yesterday took Mum to Hospital Lam Wah Ee for her Blood Test. Pagi ni, she has an appointment to see her Physician, Dr Francis Tan. Blood test results were out. Alhamdulillah, everything ok.

Mum told him about her frequent fainting spells lately. He sent her for an ECG. Bila dapat results, although he said there was nothing to worry, he referred her to the Cardiologist, Dr Lim Guan Choon for further investigations. Another ECG was done and later, buat Stress Test pulak.

By the time Mum finished those tests, it was already lunch hour. We went home for prayers and after that, I took my parents to Yosenabe for steamboat lunch. Around 3pm, Mum and I went back to see Dr Lim. He decided to put her on Holter Monitor to be worn for 24 hours.

Apa itu "Holter Monitor"?

A Holter monitor is a machine that continuously records the heart's rhythms. Small electrodes are stuck onto the chest ..

and attached to a small recording monitor ..

The Holter monitor may be able to detect irregularities in the heart rhythm that an ECG couldn't. It helps to correlate symptoms of dizziness, palpitations (a sensation of fast or irregular heart rhythm) or blackouts.

3pm esok, back to see Dr Lim for her results ...

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

psssttt... psssttt...

check this out

Friday, October 01, 2010

Various events play out in front of your eyes...
how do you respond?

It may be what you planned...
or it may be a total surprise!

Frustration comes in
when the reality of life
does not match our vision..
how do you respond?

I think..
there are only two ways to end the frustration..

Either by:-
Giving up the vision
Making it a reality..
how do you respond?

"Two heads are better than one"?

OR the opposite -

"Too many cooks spoil the soup"?

enough already!!