Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hari ni Faiz, Farid, Yasmin and I attended the kenduri in Kulim (yang silap pegi yesterday tuu..).

Jenuh pujuk si Firdaus, tapi he didn't want to go. Compared to the wedding on the bride's side yesterday, today's event was fairly quiet. Masa balik, dibekalkan pulak dengan 'tapai' to take home for my parents.

Petangnya, Yasmin and I pegi Baskin Robbins. Bought three 'Half Gallon' sized ice-creams - Jamoica Almond Fudge, Chocolate Royale Mousse and Chocolate flavour

Am looking forward to meeting up with Noraini and Kathy tomorrow morning for breakfast. Lama tak jumpa.. have a lot of catching up to do

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Kenduri & Movie

Yesterday, first destination pegi kenduri Kulim. Pusing-pusing cari dewan tempat kenduri tu.. bila dah dapat.. aik! senyap sunyi!!?? isy! silap dewan kot?? call tuan rumah.. rupanya kenduri tu.. besok!

Laaa... ni la kes orang serbu tak pakai helmet!!

Tuan rumah kata, sekarang ni diorang ada di rumah pengantin perempuan.. di Kulim jugak, just about 3-4 km away, and since we're already in Kulim, they invited us there. So, kitorang pun pegi lah rumah pengantin tu. Wah! kendurinya meriah.. makanannya pun macam-macam.. laksa ada, mee kuah ada, nasi minyak, lemang & rendang, gado-gado, tapai...etc.. etc.

... buuurrpp!!... kenyang! Alhamdulillah..

Lepas tu pegi kenduri di Sungai Petani. Dapat jumpa ramai cousins and relatives there. Masa kenduri-kenduri ni lah semua berhimpun, yer dak? Since perut pun dah kenyang, jamah makan sikit jer .. mostly had a fun time chatting especially with one of my uncles, who is a real joker!

Balik dari kenduri, Yasmin and I decided to go watch the 7pm movie...

Plot Summary: Prince Of Persia - Set in the mystical lands of Persia, young Dastan was adopted from the streets of Nasaf by King Sharaman of Persia. He grows up amongst royalty and quickly earns his place as a mighty warrior and prince. As his brothers Garsiv and Tus plan battle strategies, a spy sends word that the Holy City of Alamut has been supplying weapons to enemies of Persia. Taking matters into his own hands, Tus orders an attack on the sacred city and upon its fall, Dastan encounters the beautiful Princess Tamina. When King Sharaman dies under mysterious circumstances shortly after, and Dastan is accused of his murder, he flees with the princess on a harrowing mission to clear his name against dark forces and to safeguard an ancient dagger capable of releasing the Sands of Time -- a gift from the gods that can reverse time and allow its possessor to rule the world.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nasi Minyak

Hari ni ada dua jemputan kenduri kahwin; satu di Kulim (rumah adik Shaik, partner Faiz) dan satu lagi di Sungai Petani (rumah Kak Mah & Abang Dollah). Yeay! no need to cook today. Looking forward to Nasi Minyak lunch ..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses

Dalam sibuk-sibuk in and out of the house, masih sempat pegi ...

Manicure & Pedicure

More Pics @

This whole week has been a NIGHTMARE !.

Question: When you're sick and tired of feeling the pressure, what's the best way to take the pressure off yourself? How do you rid yourself of that burdensome frustration that is exhausting you?

Answer: Be mentally strong. Keep repeating to myself "If you think life is only difficult for you, there are others who have it worst!" Be happy despite the problems. Be grateful for health and loved ones.

Do I feel better now .. ?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tukar Lagi

Hari ni, 23 May 2010, sepatutnya Firdaus mendaftar masuk ke ...

Universiti Malaya

Remember the Program Ijazah Luar Negara (PILN) interview di Ipoh on 13th April ? Well.., yesterday the results were out. Susahnya nak masuk website! When I was finally able to access the website and checked..

Syukur Alhamdulillah, Firdaus ditawarkan Kursus Kejuruteraan Program A-Level di Kolej Mara Seremban.

Tarikh pendaftaran is on 30 June 2010. Yeay! I get to spend one more month with him at home.

Mana pulak I letak my Garmin Nuvi Navigator ni?

Nak kena reset new destination...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Vacation - Day 4

After Subuh prayers, I did not go back to sleep. Instead, I made myself a tall glass of Nescafe and started to pack my things. Today we’re going home. Got to pack, have breakfast and leave the apartment by 10am. Our flight is at 12 noon.

10 minutes past 8am, the tailor came to send Ani’s gown. I could see that he was nervous when she went into the room to try it out. Not only he was nervous, I was nervous too. Sudah la material mahal.. tailoring pun mahal (sebab jahit within one day)... kalau rosak.. haishhh!! Tak berani nak imagine lah! Luckily, it fits nicely now.. and he gave a sigh of relief!

One thing I learnt from this episode, if it’s not urgent.. not a ‘life or death’ matter.. bring home the material and send to your own tailor.

After he left, the three of us went down for breakfast. Lepas tu naik balik ke bilik ... lepak-lepak kejap .. and at 10am, when we went down, Pak Santoso was already waiting to take us to the airport. Arriving at the airport, I paid his fares and gave a Tip for taking such good care of us.

Waiting for our flight at Husein Sastranegara International Airport departure hall

Our flight was punctual. When it was time for boarding, rows 1-5 (hot seats) were called first and since we’re on 3rd row, kitorang and some others pun pegi la beratur nak masuk.. only to be told that our tickets were not ‘hot seat’ tickets !!?? I was like... “W.T.H.”??? Twice I showed the two ‘bubble-headed’ male & female-in-charge at the waiting area tapi dia masih cakap ‘ini bukan hot seat’. Kalau ini bukan hot seats, then apanyer yang hot seat tu?? Seat yang ada dapur burner/ induction stovetops ke?? Aparaaa!! Tarak baca punya olang! (marah style P.Ramlee). 'Terkesan’ sungguh dengan ignorance diorang berdua ni!

During the journey, Yasmin was lucky enough to get roast chicken for lunch.. itu pun cuma ada satu jer, while Ani and I settled for hot-cup ABC Mi Ayam Bawang. Tadi hot-seat.. ni hot-cup pulak! Mau tak hot??!!

Finally after a crazy Factory Outlet Shopping in Bandung, we headed back to LCCT, KL with our bags filled. We arrived LCCT at around 3.30pm. Lepas dapatkan bagasi, kita terus masuk ke..

.. and got ourselves new perfumes each.

Next, our flight to Penang scheduled at 7.30pm. Laaaaammbat lagi tuu..!! So we decided to lepak at Old Town pulak. After food, I did my Zohor & Asar (Jamak Qasar) prayers and then, checked in our bags. Kat dalam waiting area, I had Cappuccino and Ani had ‘Botak Coco’ pulak. Hehehe.. u must be wondering.. apa punya drink tu? Air Kelapa yang telah di buangkan kulit kelapanya laaa...

Then came the dreaded announcement.. FLIGHT DELAYED!! Aduuiihh!! Dah lembik jadi penunggu kat airport ni haa.. So, since flight delayed, I pegi Jamak Qasar Maghrib & Isyak dulu yer..

Alhamdulillah.. dah sampai Penang, Faiz was already waiting for us. Nak gi makan nasi kandar pulak ni.. Wah! Dah berapa kalori I stuffed in today aaa?? Yasmin dah malas nak ikut (she’s not a fan of Nasi Kandar), so we bought ‘Char Kuey Teow’ for her and sent her home while the rest of us adjourned to Nasi Kandar Deen, Jelutong. My dinner – Nasi Kandar taruk ikan, bendi, ayam goreng and kuah kasi ‘banjir’! Wah! Sedapnyaaa..

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Vacation - Day 3

Pagi ni dah tak kelam kabut macam yesterday. Bangun pun relax.. makan pun relax ..

Itinerary for today – A visit to TANGKUBAN PRAHU VOLCANO. Today we decided to rent the car just for 6 hours .. 9am – 3pm. Serik nak marathon macam yesterday… ya, ampuuuunn.. letih sekali!

We took about 1 hour to reach the top of Tangkuban Perahu from Bandung town. Some parts of the road leading up to the volcano were not well maintained.. the bumpy ride and winding road making me a little bit ‘pening’. Thank goodness the crater was accessible by car all the way up as far as its rim, coz I saw some people on foot as we made our drive up.

When we finally arrived and stepped out of the MPV, the air was cool but with strong sulphuric smell. Within seconds, several Indonesian men rushed to greet us to sell their souvenirs. Even though we don’t want to buy any, they were relentless and had a lot of determination and pestering us to buy their souvenirs to the point that it was really getting on my nerves.. crowding my space like that!.

Tip: Next time you go, simply ignore them, don’t show any interest at all, don’t ask or even look at what they're selling. Otherwise, once you start bargaining or to just look at the items, they will stick to you like leeches. But on the other hand, since you came all the way from abroad and would like to buy some souvenirs to take home, the trick of getting big discount, is to buy at the last minute when you are about to get into your car and leave. This last minute buying tactic will ensure that you get a good bargain of more than 100% !

The view of the main crater, Kawah Ratu, was magnificent. If you are the adventurous type, you can hike down to another crater, Kawah Domas, where you can soak your tired feet in the pool of hot water, apply volcanic mud on your limbs for therapeutic effects or boil eggs for immediate consumption. Descending into the volcano's craters is only possible with the aid of an experienced guide, because of the presence of suffocating gases at certain spots. Neither of us felt adventurous enough to want to trek down the crater. Lagipun, the track is rocky and slippery, a good pair of hiking shoes is needed and we were wearing slippers (alasan la tuu, kan..). So kalau sapa-sapa yang bercadang nak pegi Bandung nanti (ehemm..! sapa yer?) dan rasa nak trekking kat volcano tu, sila bawa kasut yang sesuai siap-siap, ok.

Towards noon, we left the place and proceeded to a fantastic resort restaurant ..

When we first arrived and entered the place, we just didn’t know what to do and didn’t know where to sit. The place is so huge. Sepatutnya, they should have waiters to welcome guests upon arrival at the entrance and guide us to where we’re supposed to be seated.

This restaurant is set in a valley of natural surroundings. Many cozy wooden gazebos/huts of different sizes (to cater according to the number of diners) built on the slopes going uphill. No ordinary dining tables and chairs, instead they're replaced with low tables and cushions.

From the huts, you can gaze out to view the cascading waterfalls, and the peaceful small stream that runs down from it and lush trees around the area. Simply an amazing experience.

Food served varies from traditional Sundanese food and Western food. You’ll have to beat the wooden 'ketuk' if you want to call the waiters to place your order.

The food was well served and delicious. I particularly loved the sambal… very very pedas! I fully recommend this place to anyone visiting Bandung. Kampung Daun is definitely one of the treasures of Bandung and is surely a place not to be missed.

Ok.. now perut dah kenyang.. kita pun bertolak balik ke Bandung. Had a short nap on the way back. Tengok-tengok dah sampai ke destinasi seterusnya... Rumah Mode Factory Outlet (pronounced as Rumah Mo-Der). Ramainya orang!! This place is truly a shopaholics nightmare come true! SEEING IS BELIEVING .. and believe me, my two companions actually went into a shopping trance! Mana tidaknya.. from casual tees, blouses to cardigans, lingerie, hats and scarves, jeans, a whole array of children and menswear's section and what-have-you’s (tak tau nak describe dah!) to make sure everyone is satisfied. You can easily put together a full outfit for any occasion. Outside the outlet pulak, there are waiting areas, food stalls and massage stations.

Pak Santoso explained that most of the shoppers were from Jakarta (looking at parked vehicles with Jakarta plates dominating the parking lots). Jakarta and Bandung is just 2 hours drive away, so on weekends and holidays, they’ll come here to shop (particularly at this outlet). Kalau macam tu, next time if we want to come again for a trip here, it’s best to visit on weekdays (ehem..! Tip lagi tuuuu.. – kepada yang berkenaan), to avoid the super-jam and crazy long waiting lines just to try on the clothes!

Seriously.... Yasmin went 'shopping mad' sampai even her Mak Su pun datang duduk dengan I di waiting area outside sebab penat tunggu dia! When she finally came out from ‘Rumah Mo-Der’ , her smile was from ear to ear..beaming away.. lighting up her face. Pure satisfaction la tuuu! Belum pun balik Malaysia, she happily declared to come here again.. this time with her beloved DAD! Watch out, Dad!!

Our last stop for the day is Paris Van Java, a mega huge shopping mall with middle to high end items. No cheaper brands there. Yang ada brands like Charles & Keith, Esprit, Mango (MNG), Roxy, La Senza, Rip Curl, Nike, Crocs, Adidas and many others. They also have Sogo and Carrefour as tenants there. Kita tak beli apa-apa di sini, no point anyway sebab boleh beli kat Malaysia. We were there for less than an hour, itu pun sebab walking around looking for Licensed Money Changer... terpaksa tukar extra duit. Haa.. ni nak cerita skit..

To all who is reading this article, kalau nak ke Indonesia and nak tukar duit sebelum ke sana.. semasa terima duit pertukaran tu, please.. please.. please.. check every Rupiah. Since it’s my first time and trip there, and the fact that I pun tak pernah tengok duit Rupiah ni, I dah kena tipu dengan Money Changer yang tukarkan duit I di Queensbay, Penang (basement area right below Forever 21). Dia bagi duit yang dah tak digunakan di Indonesia. Looks new tapi tak laku di sana! I kena 5 keping duit RP100,000 and sekeping duit RP5000 (all together nilai lebih kurang RM180) ! Punya la geram when they told me duit tak laku semasa nak buat bayaran. Nasib baik ada bawak extra Malaysian cash. Aduiihhh..!

Don't accept these two notes. Duit ni la yang diorang tak nak terima (nampak the bright pink logo above? senang nak ingat)

Selepas tukar duit, terus balik ke hotel. Oleh kerana dah ter-extra 3 jam car rental, kena la tambah bayaran. Later that night, the tailor datang hantar Yasmin’s and Ani’s gown yang dah siap. Yasmin’s fit was perfect but Ani’s gown was too tight and needed alterations. He said it’ll be ready by tomorrow morning sebelum kita bertolak ke airport.

Malam ni , makan nasi yang kita bungkus dari Kampung Daun tadi. Ani was the first masuk tido, followed by me. Si-hyper-Yasmin belum nak tido lagi.. sibuk dok try all her bajusss!! Ntah sampai pukul berapa I can hear her dok 'cat-walking' sorang-sorang depan cermin tu dengan baju baru dia!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Vacation - Day 2

Hello again..

Dah tau mana I pegi for my holidays from the ‘Day 1’ entry I posted yesterday? Laa.. tak kan tak tau lagi? First clue – instant millionaire.. 2nd clue – written on boarding passes.. 3rd clue - 2 hour journey..?

Haa.. pandai pun! The answer is…


Ok.. enough already! Now nak cerita about ‘Day 2’ of my 4 days holiday.

I opened my eyes to see Ani berdiri tercegat kat pintu bilik. Isy! Macam baru jer tido balik lepas solat Subuh. “What time is it?”. “Dah pukul 8.30pagi. Our transport is at 9.. ni belum mandi.. belum makan..”. “Eh! Wait a minute!”. Pikir-pikir balik, Bandung is one hour behind Malaysian time, kan? So, it is actually 7.30am laaa!! Haiya! Budak ni! Kalut aaa…! Tak sabaq nak pi shopping la tuuu! Tersengih-sengih dia…

Tip: It’s good if you do not change the time on your watch. You will be waking up at 8am and rushing for breakfast and next thing you know, you woke up too early!

Lepas buffet breakfast, our supir Pak Santoso and his Avanza MPV was already waiting for us. Sewa untuk 12 hours (9am – 9pm) just for our shopping marathon.. maklumlah sejak jadi millionaires yesterday, kononnya nak ‘shop till we drop!’. Pak Santoso will send us to our destination and wait for us while we shop. When we are done, he’ll take us to our next destination.. dan lagi.. dan lagi…

Bandung … well known for their Factory Outlets spreading over the city... you only need to choose what you wanna buy first. “HANDBAG!!” So for our first destination, Pak Santoso took us to Terminal Tas – an outlet full of handbags. Begitu banyaknya handbag tapi tak der yang I berkenan pun for myself. I bought a Salvatore Ferragamo wallet for Farid and Yasmin bought a cute and trendy Guess handbag for herself.

Next, off to The Secret - a really massive factory outlet. At one corner of the outlet is a boutique filled with the latest trendy studded dresses and laced blazers.

Everywhere I looked, the women were crazy with their shopping frenzy. Really nice stuff here tapi disebabkan I’m not a ‘baju-crazy’ person, nothing actually caught my interest. Not my kind of baju anyway and partly because the ones I like.. doesn’t have my size! Ceh!!


From there, we proceeded to House of Donatello - This is an outlet selling a good selection of mainly leather shoes, wallets, purses, belts and handbags. Lepas tu, kita shopped at Grande, Victoria, Jeans Street /Cihampelas Shopping Street (exclusively selling jeans and clothes; if you are not the brand-conscious type). Prices are really cheap but don’t expect high quality stuff here.

Tumpang duduk sat.. kaki dah lenguh

The weather in Bandung is pretty cooling compared to Malaysia but in my opinion, no need to bring baju sejuk la kan as the weather in the city is just nice. Yang wajib bawa is a good pair of walking shoes as you WILL be walking a lot. Don't try too hard to be trendy and fashionable in your high heels coz no one is going to look at you as everyone is too busy shopping..!

For lunch, we decided to try Sunda food. After lunch, banyak lagi outlets yang kitorang pegi, tapi some of it I did not take note of their names sebab we just popped-in and out briefly when we see that it’s not to our liking. Why bother going from one factory outlet to another? Because the prices, the qualities, the brands and designs of products may differ from one factory outlet to another. So, you may not find exactly what you want in only one outlet.

By 4pm (Bandung time), it started to rain heavily. Dah tak larat nak pegi factory outlets. Now nak tengok fabrics and kebayas pulak. The three of us often laughed at each other whenever we have to speak ‘Indon’ (especially the way my sister speaks. Dia yang kena banyak cakap coz she sits in the passenger seat in front with Pak Santoso and is the one deciding where to go next … kelakar sungguh.. I tell uuuu!!). Finally, kita ke Pasar Baru - a textile and garment market. The place was so huge and crowded with soooo many shops. You are guaranteed to be spoilt with choices of fabrics, kebayas, lace, chiffon, telekungs, tudungs, sarungs etc. This place opens from 9 am – 6 pm. You better prepare loadssssssss of cash before you come here! I bought 5 telekungs – warna biru, pink, yellow, apple green and purple! Haaa.. ambik engkau! Ni baru dapat apa yang I minat!

Ani and Yasmin bought beautiful kebayas each and identical materials to make maxi gowns. They had their measurements taken and had it tailored there. The tailor assured us the gowns would be ready the next day, before our flight home.

By now, my feet were killing me!! Arrggghhh!! Kan tadi cakap nak shop till we drop? Haa.. memang nak drop sangat dah ni!. It was more tiring that anything I had imagined. We decided to buy and pack our dinner back to the hotel. Kali ni beli Nasi Padang pulak. We reached the hotel about 6pm.

We quickly headed back to our rooms and called room service for a good full body massage costing Rp120,000 each (RM42 lebih kurang).


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Vacation - Day 1

We're back from our holidays!

Pegi mana? Cuba teka. Clues are in the photos..

13 May 2010, 9.30am - Faiz hantar Yasmin and I to Penang Airport. Betapa excitednya kitorang berdua that morning. Sampai jer di airport, terus checked-in luggage. Next, went to the money changer counter .. tukar duit. Uisshh! Instant Millionaire!

Masih awal lagi.. flight at 11am. So, kita lepak kat sini ..

.. dan minum ini ..

Flights and hotel from this company's package. A good and affordable deal.

Tiba di LCCT KL, my sister was already waiting. We decided to have our lunch here..

After Jamak Qasar prayers, we were ready to check-in for boarding passes.

Queing to
'drop off'
our bags.

Then.. it was time to go..

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ , here we come!

Mula-mula kena la scan passport dulu di sini..

Ani was the first to walk thru' the Autogate.. scanned her passport and walked out of the booth. Next, came Yasmin. She too slided in her passport and waited for the scan. Ani, who was standing nearby pekena dia. She said, "Min! senyum kat screen tu!"... si Yasmin ni pun macam blur blur jer .. innocently and obediently gaze at the screen and gave her sweetest smile, scanned her thumb and then walked out of the booth. My turn next. I was oblivious to what just happened. My sister was already laughing. When I walked out of the autogate booth, I pun tanya dia.. apa yang dia dok gelak? My sister told me what she did. We both burst out laughing uncontrollably and only then did Yasmin realised her aunty dah kenakan dia! HEHEHEHE..

Perjalanan makan masa 2 jam. Bila tengok food menu, banyak jugak choice of food. Tapi bila kita nak order, eemm.. itu tak ada, ini tak ada. Yang available hanya ..

nasi ayam and mi ABC perisa ayam bawang

Upon arriving at destination, we were greeted with heavy rain. Their arrival hall is smaaaall with only two immigration counters. It took a while to clear immigration tapi tak la seteruk waiting at immigration counters in Saudi. Ya Rabbi.. dah la slow .. with attitude pulak tu! Eh! Merepek merayau gi Saudi pulak.. sorry, back to Bandung.

After clearing immigrations, pegi tunggu beg. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw one short miserable conveyor belt in a small little cramped corner. Selonggok people stood at the end of the belt waiting for luggages. You will have to make your way through those people to get to your bag among piles of bags there. Haisshhh..!

We took a cab to the Hotel which was just a few minutes away. Our two bedroom Condotel was graciously upgraded to a three bedroom one at no extra charge! The rate includes daily buffet breakfast.

Ani's bedroom with bathroom attached

Yasmin's room

My Room


with mini fridge

dapur dan microwave

Dining Hall with Boiler/Cooler Mineral Water Dispenser

That night, we did not go out. Bukan saja disebabkan hujan, tapi sebab rasa letih jugak.. dari pagi dah bertolak.. pastu menung kat airport dah berapa jam.. journey lagi.. etc. We had dinner at the hotel cafe.

Yasmin had Grilled Salmon

Ani ordered Rice With Grilled Oxtail

I had Grilled Ribs. Looks delicious, tapi liat dan kerasnya.. ya ampuuuunnnnn..! Didn't finish my food.

Fresh Orange, warm water and Watermelon Juice to quench our thirst...