Friday, October 26, 2012

Acoustic Nite

23 October 2012 (Tuesday), 8pm -  Temankan Kathy pegi tengok Tommy Emmanuel's guitar performance di PenangPAC (Performing Art Centre). Tujuan sebenarnya nak tengok her son's friend who would be playing at the opening of the concert tapi due to very heavy rain, we arrived late and missed his performance entirely.

Standing outside the hall, I could hear the music.  I thought there was a band accompanying this guitarist, tapi bila masuk ke dewan... eh! 'pakcik' ni sorang ja!

What can I say about Tommy Emmanuel?

Not only is he a great guitarist, he was having fun ... strumming and plucking at the guitar so effortlessly!  He provided the music... we, the audience... provided the silence and ended his performances with outburst of whistles and thunderous claps ! It was a powerful moment of how music interactions can be between performer and audience.... the explosive expression of humanity were something we were all touched by.  The simplicity of acoustic music allowed the 'raw' emotion of the songs to come through... it was amazingly jaw dropping! (for me, at least!).

I managed to google this performance from youtube (performed elsewhere) for my rememberance...

pewwwwwiitt!!!  Simply fabulous!

I went home with a very big smile on my face... reminding me not to take music for granted, and a story to tell my close ones of how a music performance made my night!

Pesanan dari Tony : "The way to play your music well is through practice practice practice practice practice practice ... and more practice ! BUT don't practice  in front of your family and friends coz they don't need to hear the same piece over and over again for the hundredth time! Just surprise them with the well practiced piece and you'll find that they'll appreciate it better.  (hmmmm.... so true!)

"Music is the hardest kind of art.
It doesn't hang up on a wall... 
and wait to be stared at...
and enjoyed by passersby.
It's communication...
It's hours and hours being put into a work of art
that may only last, in reality, for a few moments
if done well...
and truly appreciated...
it lasts in our hearts forever!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Birthdays

Bulan ni ada 2 birthdays in the family...

Mimi Maisara & Yasmin

Mimi dari minggu lepas dah dapat advanced birthday present from her Tok Ayah ...

"Tok Ayah, nak yang ini...!"

"Tok Ayah... nak naik basikal sekarang, boleh dak?"

dua bercucu sama-sama happy

gaya mau ada !

Eh! Mak Tok kalau cerita pasal cucu dia.. memang boleh lupa perkara lain ! hmmm.... sorry naaa... terlupa pulak kat birthday girl yang lagi sorang tu...

Ba beli apa untuk princess kesayangan dia yer?

hmmm... dapat 'gadget' baru, tak angkat kepala dah la lepas ni!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Long Awaited Holiday 2012

.... planning dari tahun lepas .... tapi belum berkesempatan.

Akhirnya on 24th September 2012, my friend Kathy, Yasmin and I berlepas ke Jakarta dan Bandung untuk percutian 5 hari ! woohooo.. !! Thanks to Encik Ridzuan (Kathy's husband) for giving us the push !

jutawan-jutawan di airport Penang

The original plan was nak pegi bertiga - Kathy, myself and another friend Noraini. Tapi disebabkan Noraini is away temporarily in London, Kathy and I decided to go anyway, with Yasmin tagging along as well (dengan izin para suami, of coz).

Kathy wrote a beautiful post about our trip, so tak perlulah myself nak mengarang lagi. Kita share share la yer...  You can read about it  "here" .

di Puncak
(eh!? dalam photo baru terperasan pakaian dua orang ni boria!)

dari Puncak, turun ke Kebun Bunga

tunggu nak naik tram pusing keliling Kebun Bunga

Check out the beautiful photos at  Kathy's  blog.

Next destination kita nak pi bercuti ke mana, Kat?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Yasmin's Graduation

" An investment in knowledge, always pays the best interest."
- Benjamin Franklin

It was a long four years, full of ups and downs. Finally on 21 September 2012, we celebrated Yasmin's graduation from University Sains Malaysia, Penang.

Tak kisahlah samada watching the stage from the crowd ...


the one standing on stage ...

... menyaksikan upacara konvokesyen tempoh hari was one important event in my life.

hah ! legaaaa.. ! (her grin says it all !)

Yasmin has always been obsessed with flowers (sesuai la tuuu.. nama dia pun berasal dari kumpulan bunga-bungaan juga, kan?). So, my son-in-law Faris, my sister Ani and I got her the biggest bouquet of roses available.

"Beratnya bunga ni!".  (laaaa... complain pulak dah!)

"Congrats Min!!",  from mum-in-law  ....

.... and Faris's two twin sisters
(wah! more flowers!)

Special thanks to Sarah Hazwani (left) and Majidah (right), Yasmin's childhood  best friends yang turut hadir 

Tahniah juga to Yasmin's friend 
Azzyati Abu Harun 

Celebration Dinner at Seoul Garden
(Clockwise from left) Yasmin, Mimi, Kartina, NurHanie & Edany (niece & nephew), my mum, my dad, Farid, Faris and my sister, Ani.  Hasli (my brother) and Faiz were not in picture sebab tengah ambil makanan

My girl,

Your university days may be over, but remember, learning process still continues.   Now you need to educate yourself to be a good wife, a loving daughter-in-law...and  etc... and etc...

In life, we always have to improvise. Sebab tu lah kena sentiasa cari ilmu untuk memperbaiki diri dan kehidupan.  Most of the time, we have no idea what is going to happen next and we have to deal with it as we go along. 

Don't panic if you don't yet know what you want to do with your life. You need to reflect on your own feelings, your own desires and then decide. 

As parents, it's time for Ba and Mama to land that 'helicopter' which has been openly hovering over your head and sometimes hiding in the background... spying and monitoring ... 


With the graduation of both my children, Farid Rizal and Yasmin, and their recent marriage respectively, this marks the end of my "career" as their Life Manager. (hah! bukan senang nak dapat job title tu!). It is also time for me to figure out what I am going to do for my future and to find my own 'something new'. 

eeemmm... something new seperti apa yer?

Sementara deciding what to do next... I recently had a great time meeting up with ex-classmates of Convent Green Lane. 

Dinner at Equatorial Hotel, Penang

We all had a jolly good time !! Our conversations covered a variety of topics.... from cruise to tour holidays, from a housewife's story to a workaholic's routine ! The "Ooohhhh's" and the "Wah!'s" as we marvelled at the big things and finding delights in the small ones, made our table noisy with bursts of laughter ! Rasa macam naughty girls pun ada jugak! hahahaha...

In every circumstance, there is always something for which to be thankful for.  At the time when we are happy, be thankful... and the happiness is greatly multiplied! 

From left: Bibi, Valerie Low, myself, Phaik Gin, Ee Hong

I am thankful for being blessed with friends from my schooling years and having the privilege of re-grouping back together now in our middle age years.  One of the many things nobody ever tells you about middle age is that it is such a nice change from being young and naive.

Am looking forward to our next date, ladies.


This time...  my place !

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Mengejar Cita-cita

Setelah selesai sibuk dari awal tahun menguruskan majlis perkahwinan Farid/Kartina and majlis perkahwinan Yasmin/Faris, tibalah giliran my youngest son, Firdaus, pula.

Eh! tak... tak... bukan Firdaus nak kahwin! tak... isy!...

After completing his A Levels at Kolej Mara Seremban, I waited anxiously for the University offer letter with anticipation.  Alhamdulillah, application successful.

On 10 Sept 2012, Firdaus left for Manchester…  off to new adventures, new horizons, his own life, his own decisions, the beginning of a new chapter in his life… and in mine.

 at  KLIA

 Mimi Maisara and her Paksu Firdaus

Walau sedih, Faiz managed to hide his feelings well  :-)

my mum also made a trip with us to KL to send him off

 semua dah siap nak berlepas ke UK

 lapar la pulak! makan apa tuuu ?

 Firdaus's teacher came from Kolej Mara Seremban to bid him farewell

pesanan dan restu dari guru

 Shikin with her parents Encik Tajuddin and Puan Jeleha

 call for boarding 

immigration check


.... and off he goes.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012



Wedding Yasmin & Faris - Part 3

25 August 2012, Sabtu -  Kenduri pihak pengantin lelaki di dewan USM. 

dah siap berdandan sempat lagi touch-up inai di jari

sementara menunggu... bergambar dulu

posing di gazebo sebelum berangkat ke dewan

wedding cake

Firdaus, Ani, Nur Hanie makan bersama-sama pengantin

From left: My parents, Uncle Ibrahim, Aunty Mazham, Shireen, Shahirah and Edany

From left: Mak Ngah, Kak Ju, Farah, my sister Liza, Faiz and Aiman 

Alhamdulillah... kenyang dah

my family

Left: Farid, Faris, Yasmin, Kartina
Alhamdulillah, dapat dua menantu tahun 2012

 my parents bergambar dengan pengantin

From left: Mak Ngah, my sister Ani, Kak Ju, my sister Liza and  Mila (cucu Kak Ju)

Yasmin's Uncle Nik, Aunty Azni and adik Nik Daniel

Selesailah sudah kenduri 3 hari 3 malam.

As parents, Faiz and I berasa lega kerana we now have someone to take care of our daughter.  Yasmin has always been a fiercely independant person and together with Faris, I am confident they will make a strong team together, insyaAllah.

My dear Yasmin, 
Marriage is the most important commitment you will ever make and the best marriage relationship takes energy... a LOT of energy ! From this moment onward, build a new unity...gradually leaving behind many of the things to which both of you were accustomed to. Look in the same direction together.

Things won't always be perfect and it is natural to find some difficulties along the way.  Don't sweat it! Remember the positive things that brought both of you together and then concentrate on positive goals to achieve as a couple.

Be a truly responsible and a 'prepared' adult, my princess ....  and be the best for each other.