Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thank God For Girlfriends

My friends came...
... spent some quality time 
with my family and I.

Time goes by in minutes and seconds,
until you're with your girlfriends !!
THEN ...
time goes by in laughter
and food !!

We all shared something in common ...
tied together with memories ...
of our schooling days
at Convent Green Lane.

Time spent with friends ...
... is time well spent.

ex-classmates of 1980

Monday, November 12, 2012

Baru siap...

Apa yang baru siap tu?

Yasmin's Graduation photographs taken at Star East Photo Studio.

my girl and I

my family

Sayangnya Firdaus had already left for Manchester before Yasmin's graduation.  Otherwise, the above photo would have been complete.

Dalam sibuk-sibuk, Mama and Ba pun sempat bergambar untuk kenangan ...

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Mimi' Graduation

3 November 2012 - An important day for Mimi Maisara.  It's her graduation from kindergarten. The mini hall at RECSAM was packed with proud parents and their children ( and an equally proud grandmother included!)

Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah Dan Sijil 
Mimi Maisara

Cameras flashed and video-cameras recorded.  Naturally, the little participants were bursting with pride ; walaupun ada seorang dua yang a little bit embarassed ... yang menangis refusing to perform pun ada ... while the others were having the time of their lives. After the awards were announced and certificates distributed, the kids entertained us with a mini concert.

........ aci .. aci.. bukaaa pintuuu...

Mimi Maisara
(second from the row of "hantu's" - on the right)

eemmm.... apasal Mak Tok tengok lebih kepada muka kucing ja dari muka hantu? hehehehe...