Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In this great big world that we inhabit, we sometimes think/feel we can control lots of things, or people or circumstances... but the truth is... we don't... and we simply can't.

Paling paling best pun, you can only have INFLUENCE over things, people and circumstances, but you don't have CONTROL over them.

The only ONE thing we really have control over is our attitude. It determines the choices we make, the actions we take and eventually... the results we live in.

So, why not instead of punishing yourself over something that you have no control over, sebaiknya calmly just accept the things you can't control instead?

When we are calm, it would be much easier to try to influence others around us (especially loved ones) with WORDS, ACTIONS AND INSPIRATIONS to change for the better.

Tapi... after all has been said and done, kalau tak berkesan jugak ... hmmm...
"Que Sera Sera, what will be.. will be..."

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Majlis Perkahwinan my cousin Malek's son ..




Majlis Pertunangan my cousin Roshida's daughter


Monday, July 11, 2011

Thanks to my dear friend, Kathy, for allocating time to have breakfast with me this morning and then spontaneously proceeded to accompany me for my "brisk walking weight loss exercise" doing a 'little' shopping at Queensbay (there were some considerable 'losses' alright) .

We had a light lunch afterwards at DOME's.

...ooppssiee... I forgot to snap a photo of my Strawberry Milkshake (ha? apadia? Milkshake is a No! No!?)

Well... I had fun. What a beautiful Monday.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Self Motivation

I came across this article while googling about 'weight loss' this morning. Though, it is totally not about diets/exercises and stuff, it is somewhat related to 'weight loss' in another way. I read it over and over and really put some thought into it. Read on... who knows ... you might want to go on this 'weight loss' programme too.

All of us are born with baggage. We’re born with certain talents, particular family dynamics, unique personalities, specific socio-economic statuses and most definitely, some shortcomings.

We’re born into lives that expect things of us, into lives that place obstacles in our way. And while all of these circumstances help to shape our fate, fate is not destiny. We are equipped with the tools necessary to determine our own futures.

Too many of us, though, get caught up in this 'baggage'. We use it as an excuse because it’s “who we are” or it’s "just the way it is". Well, at some point that baggage becomes your burden to bear – no longer because it was placed on you, but rather because you’ve failed to remove it! You have the power to decide whether to keep on lugging it around, or, to put it down and walk away.

Remove it.
Put it down and walk away.
You can be whoever you want to be.
It’s all about choice.

For each of us, our obstacles are different. But, defining your baggage means, you can put it down. You can put it down ... and walk away. You can run away. And you never have to look back. You have the power to distance yourself from your circumstances, to determine your own destiny and to be whoever you want to be.

The first step in getting there, though, is in figuring out the contents of your baggage. Knowing what you’re carrying around, allows you to release it.

So, what’s the baggage you’re holding on to?

And, starting today, can you take the steps necessary to start to un-tie it from your back, put it down and walk away? It may just be the best (and certainly most effective!) weight-loss plan you’ve ever embarked on!

Author: Alexis Wolfer

Dolly: I’ve learned so much of the who, what, when, where, why, how... and I'm glad to have started my journey to put down dead weight in my life. I need to lose 10 physical lbs ... and 100 emotional lbs! Am continuing my "weight loss" journey ...

I take responsability for my life.
I am worthy of being happy, now.
I let go of the need to be approved of by others. I approve of myself.

Friday, July 08, 2011

In loving memory

Exactly a month ....


... passed away.

The sudden death shattered Nabila's world. Both Nabila and Issabelle left for KL yesterday to visit her beloved Mummy, Elaine. It's the first time for Issabelle to meet up with family and cousins on Nabila's maternal side... and this has to happen. It doesn't make sense, Issabelle was active and healthy when she left home (Penang). The train trip must have been too stressful for her, I guess. We are now suddenly forced to face the loss of a loved one instantaneously and without warning. First Joey, and now Issabelle. The shock and despair left a feeling of deep sadness.

In trying to make sense of, and understand, this sudden loss, it is human nature to want to ask the question "WHY?". No one completely understands the mystery of death. Even if the question was answered, would the pain be eased and our loneliness be less terrible?


Monday, July 04, 2011

Today, I'm declaring WAR !!

I'm going into battle ...

against ...

my FATS !!

Dengan rasminya, hari ni my TRA (The Right Approach) DIET project telah dilancarkan.

My friend delivered the products to me this morning, briefed me about product intake and food consumptions, had my measurements and weight taken.

Wah... segala-gala-galanya melebihi peratusan yang dibenarkan! (I'm in DEEEEEP trouble!)

Walaupun she said I could start tomorrow, I decided not to waste any time and started right away!

using your hand/fist/palm to estimate the amount of food allowed

Visceral Fat Rating

Visceral fat surrounds the internal organs of your body. The Visceral Fat Healthy Range shows if the amount of visceral fat you have is healthy. Rating 1-12 indicates you have a healthy level of visceral fat. Rating 13-59 indicates you have an excess level of visceral fat.

Basal Metabolic Rate:

Indicates the number of calories your body burns when at rest. BMR tend to decrease as we get older. Prevent this through a regular routine of cardiovascular exercise and increased activity. Having a higher (or increased) basal metabolism will increase the number of calories used and help to decrease the amount of body fat.

Metabolic Age:

If your Basal Metabolic age is higher than your actual age (in my case - I'm 48 and my metabolic age reading showed 64!!?? I feel old already!! ), it is an indication that you need to improve your metabolic rate. Increased exercise will build healthy muscle tissue together with feeding the muscles with the right amount of protein so that your muscles act as fat furnaces. And NOT skipping meals, which has the effect of slowing your metabolism down! All these actions will improve your metabolic age.

Dolly: "What should be UP and what should be DOWN?"

Answer: "To lose weight and change your shape, the body fat %, visceral fat, metabolic age and weight should go DOWN; while the BMR, body water % (Female: 45-60%; Male:50-65%) and muscle mass should go UP !"


Drink lots of water and do simple exercises.

A modest exercise program equivalent to a brisk 30-minute walk can help get rid of accumulated visceral fat, while even more exercises can actually reverse the amount of visceral fat. So...


sapa nak temankan saya pegi brisk-walking?"

"Tak der?... hmmm... Tak per la, nanti tunggu my girls balik from internship. Boleh jadikan girl's activity. Sementara tu .... "