Thursday, December 20, 2012

3 in 1

17 December 2012 - My dad, my sister and I celebrated our birthdays.  My dad and I share the same birth date, 17/12, while my sister's birthday falls on the next day, 18/12.  

"... happy birthday to youuuuu..."
hey! to you la... dia nyanyi to me pulak!!

Birthday cake from Faris, Yasmin, Farid & Tina

Birthday activity at Hard Rock Hotel


.... eh eh eh... suspense...

Birthday BBQ Dinner
my son Farid (right) and my brother Hasli
grilling lamb and chicken pieces

durian pun ada :-)

For me... the happiest moment that night was when all of us Skype with Firdaus... riuh !

Wished he was home with us ...   

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Back to Class

It’s been a month since I started my new hobby.  Well… not actually new la.. It’s a continuation of some ‘unfinished business’.

Sebulan selepas Firdaus left for Manchester, berlakulah sedikit ‘kemurungan’ sebab rindu him so much. Walaupun kerap Skype sembang-sembang dengan dia, tapi still missed him all the same.

Out of the blue, Faiz suddenly suggested to me, “Why don’t you sambung something to occupy your time?"

I was like … “Ha??? Sambung belajar?”

“Ya la… why not? Dulu you stopped your piano halfway, now would be an ideal time to continue and complete the course. Cuba find out if you can apply into USM... buat degree in music?” 

His suggestions awakened my senses with a burst of new energy… making me snap out of my depression!

hmm... why not?

So…  bermulalah hobby baru (yang tak berapa nak baru tu!).

Emmmm… dulu stop tahap mana yer…?

Jap nak selongkar cari …

Jumpa dah !! Nasib baik tak hilang!

1977 - 1984

I enrolled for classes at two different music centres to compare their teaching methods. I opted to start from Level 1.

The first lesson was truly exciting! Touching the piano keys.. listening to the sounds it made .. was like being transported back to 'those days'. But sad to say.... banyak yang dah terlupa and also very very slow to read the music notes. Gosh! I really need loads of practice !!

But how to practice when I only go for classes once a week?

Just staring at the music notes at home is not going to get me anywhere!!

I went out....

.... and got myself a new toy ....

Yamaha DGX640

Haaaa..... now boleh la practice !!