Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Birthday

Just can't help feeling lucky
That someone as nice as you
Has a place within our family
And fits so nicely too

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear FARIS myspace graphic comments

Friday, February 17, 2012

... phew!! ...

psstt... pssttt... nak tanya skit...

~ do you sometimes feel like you’re living a life of chaos; chasing your tail with no relief in sight?

~ being in a state where you want to be organized, but haven’t got the time to clear up the mess?

~ and the words “free time” don't exist in your vocabulary?

ada tak?

well.. that's exactly how it feels like right now.. more or less.

am trying my best to take one day at a time ... but sometimes several days attack me all at once!! huarrggh!

but on the brighter side...

~ my Dad's angiogram done. They discovered 4 blockages which was then removed with Angioplasty** and stents inserted. He was monitored overnight at the hospital. Alhamdulillah, no complications and was discharged the next day. Hope for speedy recovery so that he could return to his normal activities/routines by the following week and be in tip-top shape in time for Farid's wedding, insyaAllah.

~ am very proud of Yasmin, who did very well for her exams (congrats, sayang! sejuuuuuk hati mama!)

~ have got most of Farid's upcoming wedding "to-do" list finalised / done.

~ a handful of friends have volunteered to help out with door gift wrappings etc. (bless their kind hearts.. coz I really need all the help I can get!)

**Angioplasty is the technique of mechanically widening a narrowed or obstructed blood vessel. An empty and collapsed balloon on a guide wire, known as a balloon catheter, is passed into the narrowed locations and then inflated to a fixed size using water pressures some 75 to 500 times normal blood pressure (6 to 20 atmospheres). The balloon crushes the fatty deposits, opening up the blood vessel for improved flow, and the balloon is then deflated and withdrawn. A stent may or may not be inserted at the time of ballooning to ensure the vessel remains open.

Credit to Wikipedia**

Friday, February 03, 2012

Tengah blur...

My Dad was hospitalised last night. Petang kelmarin he complained of chest pain and indigestion. When he turned 'pale' with cold sweat... we took him to the hospital.

Now he's in CCU.

The Cardiologist here is making arrangements with IJN for further investigations and treatment there as soon as he is stabilised.